Settings - Administrative Instructions

As an administrator you have access to a number of settings that will allow you to craft your RiskEZI platform to meet your organisation's specific needs. These instructions are meant to help the administrator as they set up their RiskEZI site.

After you have logged in, you will be presented with your Dashboard. From here you can have a look around RiskEZI to familiarize yourself with the platform. If you would like to continue setting up organisation specific information, navigate to your side bar and click 'Settings'.

Select 'General' from the sidebar 'Settings' menu and fill in the blank fields as below.

ABN – Your organisation's ABN that RiskEZI will charge after your free trial has ended.

Email Domains – Your organisation's owned website domain(s) associated with staff and team emails. By submitting your specific website domian(s) any RiskEZI registrations that occur using your domains email address will be automatically approved.  If someone registers with an email that does not have a pre-approved domain, administration will have to approve their RiskEZI registration. This can be a comma or new-line seperated list. eg:,

Turn Emails Off – This feature is designed to assist administrators with testing some RiskEZI features without notifying other users involved in the testing.
 Please keep this set to 'On' for the normal function of RiskEZ.

Change Billing Details – Once you have created a subscription to RiskEZI, you can change your payment details by sliding this button on.
This option is only availible to subscribed members.

As an administrator you can group RiskEZI users into defined policies that include Commitees, Managers, Moderators, Board Members etc..
Navigate to your side bar and click 'Settings', then click 'Security' to access the group policies.

Read more: Security

Your Risk Matrix will initially be the default setting recommended by RiskEZI. However you may edit and tailor your Risk Matrix however your organisation requires.

The Guides form allows an administrator to customize the external links for the RiskEZI help documents. Modifying this form is only usefull if you would prefer to host your own help documents. Please contact RiskEZI support for more information.