Welcome to RiskEZI

RiskEZI is designed to help protect your guests, volunteers, leaders and staff through the consideration and optimisation of the risk management process. Our platform enables your organisation to easily manage calendar events with a complete integration of associated risk assessment. A fully customisable database for approved risk assessments, past events and reported incidents allows your administration to see risk management at a glance. RiskEZI also allows your team to access relevant safe work methods, policies, compliance and training material. You will find the ability to catalog and recall all of your organisation's risk management practices in one place a vital tool.

Main Features:

  • Create run sheets for events with embedded risk assessments.
  • Create safe work practices
  • Submit and manage incident reports.
  • Document register

Sub features:

  • Easily duplicate past events
  • Version control of risk assessments
  • Custom risk matrix
  • Inline help and guides
  • Email alerts of new events
  • Event templates and reminders for reoccurring events.
  • Multi campus
  • Email incident reports
  • Assign and manage Tasks