Departments Configuration

As an administrator you can manage the Team members and Leaders involved within each department.

To manage each Department, use the 'Settings' menu and then click 'Departments'.

Departments Listing - Summary 

Magnifying Glass Use the 'View' button to view the RiskEZI Department members.
Edit Use the 'Edit' button to manage the Departments Leaders, Members and Active status. 
Trash Can This button will delete the Department and remove it from RiskEZI. Please use with care.

Add a new department by pressing the + button in the upper right corner. Fill in the department name, description, leaders of the department, and the members of that department then click the Submit button.

To modify a department, press the Edit button next to the department you would like to edit. You may want to add people to your department or change the leaders or even the description. After making your changes, press the Submit button. If you would like to make this department inactive but keep it intact on the system deselect "Active".

To delete a department, press the Trash Can button next to the department you would like to delete. Confirm your decision in the prompt that appears.